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What is SPARC?

  • A self advocacy group that is made up of people with developmental disabilities who share a desire to change the way people with disabilities are seen by society.
  • It is comprised of, and governed by, self advocates who make all the decisions that govern the activities, finances, time and education of its members.
  • SPARC meets once a month to discuss local and national level issues that affect people with disabilities.
  • Emphasis is placed on social development, cooperation, and building self esteem through shared accomplishments.
  • SPARC was established in 2001 and is facilitated by Partnerships in Community Living, Inc., a not-for-profit organization dedicated to expanding the horizons and enhancing the quality of lives of people with disabilities.

Value Statement

  • All people are equal
  • All people have the right to make choices in all areas of their lives
  • All people have the responsibility to honor their agreements
  • All people have the right to speak honestly without fear of punishment
  • All people have the responsibility to be polite to others even when they don’t agree

How SPARC Makes a Difference

  • Offers an opportunity for open discussion with peers, staff, advocates, and legislators
  • Helps stop the exploitation of people with disabilities in both the public and private sector
  • Participates in State, National   International Conventions
  • Organizes and sponsors community social and advocacy events
  • Develops and provides training on a local, national, and international level regarding the rights and values of people with developmental disabilities
  • Maintains active membership on local and state groups that affect positive change on Capitol Hill
  • Sends attendees to the Alliance for Full Participation Summit in Washington DC
  • Participates in local and national charitable fundraising efforts for disaster relief and the underprivileged

Ways Direct Support Professionals
Can Help Learn

  • Follow the self advocate’s agenda, not your own
  • Accept your role as an employee of a self advocate
  • Be open and willing to learn together
  • Speak up for the rights of the people you work with
  • Listen openly and actively when the self advocate has something to say
  • Be patient with the person you work with, even when it takes extra time
  • Be on time when bringing a self advocate to a meeting and be sure they have all the materials they need
  • Meet with the self advocate to help them understand

Partnerships in Community Living, Inc. Administrative Office
P.O. Box 129
480 Main St. E
Monmouth, OR 97361